Friday, June 18

Favorite Time of Year!

Posted by Sydney at 9:04 PM

The official beginning of summer is coming up soon, which is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year.  There are five reasons that I can think of right now:

1.  Father's Day
2.  My brother's 6th Birthday
3.  My 22nd Birthday
4.  Beautiful HOT summer weather
5.  A weekend at the lake

All of these things will be happening in the next upcoming week and I am so stoked.  Lots of celebrations = lots of cupcakes to be made (and eaten!!).

First I thought about getting my daddy a gift, but I know him better.  He is such a cheap-o and would rather me give him a nice card and fix him all his favorites in the kitchen than spend money on something.  Soooo, I have decided on two things:

1.  Carrot cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting
2.  Chocolate Beer Waffles (he loves dark beer and I love dark chocolate... match made in heaven!)

Earlier this week I got some practice with my waffle-maker (it's been a while and it needed a good cleaning).  I made blueberry-buckwheat waffles from Dawn at Florida Coastal Cooking.  You can see the recipe here.  They are vegan, allergen-free, and sugar-free.  Very healthy indeed!

The batter!  The buckwheat flour makes it kinda grey and funky-colored.

And the waffles topped with some whipped almond cream.  Later on I decided that they were better with some plain ole Earth Balance spread and agave nectar.

Hopefully I will remember to take some pics of these upcoming celebrations so I can share!  Hope everyone had an excellent Friday... yay for the weekend!

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